Frequency 2017 Artists

1215.Today Salons


20 – 29 Oct

time: 10am – 5pm

location: Lincoln Drill Hall and various other locations

booking: free

While away some time discovering… a spinning globe of human rights created by Tim Kindberg; a tool to plot creative places and sounds created by Kathrin Böhm and Radek Rudnicki; experience a train journey that explores how Facebook influences our thought processes; ponder the circularity of history through Jamie Shovlin’s Widows and Orphans; or consider your prejudices by watching Hetain Patel’s fruity films!  Dip into the writings of poet-in-residence Shey Hargreaves and Remi Graves and even became a pupil at Sarah Corbett’s School of Gentle Protest and much much more!

1215.Today is an online platform full of content aimed at young people, stimulating curiosity and debate around the big issues of today.  Across its 30-month life, 1215.Today invited artists to make new work through commissions, take up online residencies and provoke debate through surveys and social media campaigns.

You can discover for yourself the richness of content online at or by exploring the projects and joining in the debate at our 1215.Today Salons.

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