Frequency 2017 Artists

Another World- 2017


20 – 29 oct

location: University of Lincoln (Library Courtyard)

booking: FREE

Another World is a public intervention that plays on the notion of a universal flag for a borderless state.

The flag is a physical representation of the text-based smiley emoticon that is used by millions of people around the world. By re-appropriating this popular symbol we all share through digital culture the work creates a playful dialogue that bridges the virtual with the real.

about the artist

British-Nigerian artist (b.1983). The framework of Karl’s practice is structured around the exploration of the Human Condition. Primarily using photography, text, ready-mades and public interventions the artist strives to make works that stimulate public debate on issues surrounding contemporary culture. By employing the use of appropriation and the re-contextualisation of everyday objects the artist uses personal experiences and general observations to create art that comments on the social, political and the autobiographical.

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