Frequency 2017 Artists

Apparatus Florius


Tom Dekyvere

Date: 20 – 29 Oct

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Cobb Hall, Lincoln castle, Castle Hill, Lincoln LN1 3AA

Booking: Free

The installation “Apparatus Florius” shows the fusion and obstruction of geometric patterns that grow in and through one another. Several entities seek an outlet with concrete opportunities to progress to the next phase of their existential journey.  During this exploration in Lincoln they search for the next step in their history. Applied to Cobb Hall, the structure symbolizes the instinctive flow of a plant, in search of light to be able to grow and create natural space. It is an invasion of greenery and coloured digitally lighted triangular leaves. The work questions the balance between the human adaptation and digitalization of our natural environment.

Due to events on the Castle Grounds, visitors on the 21st and 22nd should wait at the Frequency flag outside the Castle walls to be escorted up to the installation

About the artist

Exploring the deeper layers of reality and mind. Just as the alchemists of former times Tom Dekyvere is probing for unexpected connections, in search of the boundaries between nature and technology, between man and robot, between dead and living matter. Welcome in the fascinating world of Tom Dekyvere!


Credits: Frank Despriet / Author of From Reptile to Robot 2.0