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The Big Draw Festival 2017

The Big Draw Festival 2017


Draw to Score

The University of Lincoln’s Big Draw event and The Frequency Festival of Digital Culture have come together in a collaboration to invite musicians and composers around the world to join us in our event.

Under the Big Draw theme of ‘Living Lines’ children have been participating in drawing workshops at the University to interpret music into visual outcomes. These drawings then became the graphic scores that our music students interpreted and ‘played back’ as live improvisations to the children. In this way their drawings lived again through improvised musical interpretations.


The Frequency Festival’s theme is Place/Displacement, consider the concept of graphic scores as a displacement in terms of moving away from the traditional and expected forms of notation creating new challenges and opportunities for musicians and sound artists.

We’d like to invite musicians and sound artists of all kinds (solo, band, orchestral, etc. of whatever genre, traditional, folk, jazz, rock, classical, electronic, experimental, for example) or anyone who would just like to ‘have a go’ to join us and to respond to a drawing and make the lines ‘live again’ through your music. We are looking for works no shorter than 2 minutes 42 seconds and no longer than 4 minutes, 33 seconds. (Those ‘in the know’ will get this restriction)! Your music should be sent to us as high quality MP3 files (320kbit/s).
We are asking for original compositions or improvisations to be sent together with the details listed to us via the link on this page. We’ll take it from there and post your composition and details on our Soundcloud page!

Our invitation is open to anyone and everyone who’d like to participate in the Frequency event. (You don’t have to be a professional or trained musician to submit your work). This is a great chance to be part of our International Arts Festival and to find new audiences for your work from across the World.

So what are you waiting for? Download one of our ‘scores’ today and join us…

Click on an image below to expand – don’t forget to let us know which drawing you based your music on!