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Canon Dr. Mark Hocknull


Mark Hocknull is Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral and visiting Senior Fellow at the University of Lincoln in the School of History and Heritage. He holds doctorates in both science and religious studies.

George Boole: Commemorating Genius

Explore the life and mind of the man who created the mathematical foundation for technology as we know it. George Boole rejected convention and refused to confine his work by tradition, giving him a unique approach to mathematics and allowing him to push the boundaries of his field. This public lecture celebrates the work of the man without whom modern computing would not exist.

Running alongside the talk is an exhibition detailing the life and work of Boole and the impact his work had on our world. For October, and the duration of Frequency 2015, this exhibition moves to Lincoln Cathedral where Boole’s legacy as one of Lincoln’s greats is memorialised in a stained glass window.

Full details of the talk can be found at:

Thursday 29th, October 2015
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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