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Chris Riley



Christopher Riley is visiting professor of Science and Media at the University of Lincoln’s School of Media. Apollo raw and uncut was Riley’s first video installation, and first played at the London Science Festival through the summer of 2009. It opened at the Canadian Centre of Architecture in Montreal, Quebec in November 2009.

Apollo Raw and Uncut

Between 1966 and 1972 NASA amassed around 13 hours of 16mm film footage shot by human beings in space and on the surface of the Moon during their Apollo missions.

For the last forty-five years this unique collection has been kept in very cold storage at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston. The film rolls have only been brought out of storage a handful of times to transfer onto new tape formats, and only brief portions from a few of the most popular clips have ever been used in documentary films.

In a unique collaboration with documentary filmmaker Chris Riley, visitors to Lincoln’s Digital Culture festival – Frequency 2013 will get the exclusive opportunity to see the entire Apollo flight film archive for free in high definition.

In a world first, the showing of this unique work will take place in one single screening event, projecting the entire 13 hour body of film.

Apollo Raw and Uncut Key Highlights

Please note, timings are approximate and are listed in hours, minutes and seconds (hh:mm:ss). The screening starts at 9am.

Saturn V lift off sequences - 00:00:00 to 44:50

Staging from onboard the Saturns – 00:47:10

Life onboard Apollo 7 – 01:31:34

Apollo 8 Earth views and reaching lunar orbit – 01:40:31

Apollo 9 space walk – 02:09:26

Apollo 10 Earth rise – 03:24:44

Apollo 11 – first landing on the Moon and first steps – 05:16:30

Apollo 13 – post-accident – 08:19:36

Apollo 14 – return to the Moon – 09:21:29

Apollo 15 landing – 10:05:15

Apollo 16 – Lunar Rover ‘Grand Prix’ – 11:10:04

Apollo 17 landing – 12:36:38

Apollo 17 ‘last’ first steps – 13:10:08

 Screening ends at 13:52:28

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