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co_LAB is the Collaboration Laboratory Research Network at the University of Lincoln, bringing together people from different fields, disciplines and contexts to collaborate on innovative trans-media projects.

Blind Data

What does your data say about you? This interactive workshop challenges you to take on the role of data analyst. Can you decide who someone is from their digital footprint alone and determine who poses a threat? When our data is tracked by governments and corporations alike, how aware do we need to be of our digital footprint and what our online identity says about us?

Part of the Frequency Fabratory. 

Caught In The Web

Plunge into a 3D web browser and explore the history of the internet as we know it. See the developments that changed the digital world and the restrictions which increasingly limit the online experience. This Oculus Rift virtual experience challenges public apathy towards the mass surveillance of our digital lives.

Supported by Waterside Shopping Centre.


What is the web you want? This interactive installation puts the internet into the hands of the audience and asks you to generate ideas and opinions on how the web should work. See your thoughts projected into the work and vote for the statements that resonate the most. Collating a visual representation of public opinion, WWW25 aims to create a digital Magna Carta for the web enshrining basic principles for the future.

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