Frequency 2017 Artists

Bloom and Blooms


23 – 29 OCT

TIME: 10AM – 5PM

LOCATION: Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln,  LN6 7TS


“Bloom & Blooms” is a continuation of investigations into SlitScan video techniques – an invitation to appreciate the beauty of the natural world through a displaced temporal lens whilst illustrating one of nature’s fundamental relationships: of circle and sin-wave.

Composed from thousands of photos of flowers rotating on a turntable, the results fall part-way between the artifice of computer graphics and the honesty of the original organic forms.


Artist, mostly digital, Daz Disley works in both audio and visual realms often creating software specifically to reach his outputs. His take on visual arts draws insights from musical techniques with his recent work interrogating time through modulated perspectives. In addition to his more conceptual work, Daz often collaborates in the domain of screen-dance and his work is regularly shown at video-art & performance festivals around the globe.

Daz Disley –