Frequency 2017 Artists

Deep Data Prototypes _1, _2 + _3


20 – 29 Oct

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Posterngate, St Swithins Square, lN2 1EY

Booking: FREE

The Deep Data project is a series of works where art meets science. Using data from deep space exploration platforms such as probes, landers and orbiters, the works manipulate the parameters of astrobiological experiments.The pieces also present investigations into the effects of other planetary environments on the forced evolution of life and the powers of simulation.

About the Artist

Andy Gracie creates transdisciplinary work situated between the arts and the sciences, creating situations of exchange that allow new understandings and knowledge systems. His work involves engagements with astrobiology and space research; notions of the origins of life coupled with a re-examination of its boundaries. His practice employs scientific theory and practice to question our relationships with exploration and experiment whilst simultaneously bringing into focus the very relationship between art and science.

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Deep Data Prototype_2 was specially commissioned for the exhibition Sin Origen: Sin Semilla at UNAM, Mexico DF.

Deep Data Prototype_3 was commissioned by the Trondheim biennale for art & technology, Meta.Morf 2016