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Earfilms produce immersive live events purely using audio. Bringing a new twist on traditional storytelling, Earfilms challenge a world taken over by screens to bring you a hyper-real experience. EarFilms is a company dedicated to a particular sonic format for storytelling. By using an advanced 3D sound system and blindfolding their audience, they create immersive, audio-only storytelling experiences, designed to empower and engage listeners’ imaginations without sight prompted visual imagery. EarFilms tell their stories through a combination of live narration and detailed pre-recorded soundscapes that create an atmospheric world similar to listening to, but not watching, a film.

To Sleep To Dream

Experience the ultimate film noir with Earfilms, a blockbuster story told through sound alone. Put on a blindfold and immerse yourself in this special auditory experience played through a 3D sphere of speakers. Exercise your imagination as you hear the story of a man chasing his dream in a society where dreaming is outlawed. Share your experience in the Imaginarium after the film.

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