Frequency 2015 Artists

Francesco Proto


Francesco Proto is a theorist and a practicing architect. He is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Visual Culture and Critical Theory at the University of Lincoln, where he teaches and research “the inhuman strategies of the subject”. A Baudrillardian scholar, he is currently working on two experimental music albums in the field of pop and minimalist music respectively.


Simulacra and Simulation

Inspired by Simulacra and Simulation – the book that made of Baudrillard an academic superstar worldwide – the installation is made up of an original music composition mimicking American rock road songs as showcased and illustrated by a video developed between the School of Architecture and Design and the Department of Media Studies, University of Lincoln.

Meant to bring to the fore the short-circuiting between academia and popular culture, the project collapses the distinct spheres of education and mass-media into an all-encompassing visual culture that showcases the first rock song ever dedicated to the work of Jean Baudrillard. The commodity form is simulated by academic analysis in both content and form.


The Post-Human Lab: Architecture and the Body

The exhibition showcases outcomes of the Postgraduate architecture research lab directed and tutored by Dr Francesco Proto which investigates post-human theory and practice by means of unpredictable design strategies that have already attracted the attention of the scientific world.

Built and thought at the crossroad of architecture, science, medicine and fine art, the works materialize those very processes that technology has ignited and that through technology and scientific advancements are now anticipated.

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