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Lincoln Casefile: Live Mystery Game


28 Oct

time: 10am – 4pm

location: Lincoln Cornhill Kiosk

booking: Adult tickets:  £12.00 Group: £50.00

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Pre-booking is required

Join a live mystery game as 12 secret locations across Lincoln host this truly exciting day out like nothing else!

Delve into Lincoln’s past in a thrilling one-day adventure for all ages as you examine the file, question real witnesses, collect the clues and try to solve an all new incredible case.

The story so far…

The year was 1829, while visiting his nearby home town an inconspicuous poet called Alfred Tennyson came across a long forgotten text that seemed to speak of the supernatural. Very soon the three symbols from the manuscript started appearing around the city. After a week Tennyson had decoded it as some kind of ritual and their meanings as: truth, fire and death. Arriving at the scene the next day he was too late, an innocent woman was found murdered nearby.

Now, almost 200 years later, it could be happened again. Having received a ominous video message Detective Ranney has once again enlisted your help with this new case. It’s been a week already and the race is on, with Tennyson’s old notes and contemporary clues, you must solve the mystery of the Obeli and save the next victim before its too late.

A special trail sheet is provided for 4-8 year-olds.

about the artist

Casebook Events create live adventure game events where players become consulting detectives, piece together hidden trails, question real witnesses, solve ingenious puzzles and uncover incredible mysteries.

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