Frequency 2017 Artists

Living Sculpture (Virtual)


20 – 29 Oct

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Ruddocks, 287 High St, Lincoln LN2 1AW

Booking: free

As two people place their hands within Living Sculpture (Virtual), floating particles respond to their movements, creating illusions magnetised and tamed by their fingers, re-injecting a sense of physicality into an increasingly digital world, turning invisible human connections into seemingly tactile exchanges.

The wooden sculpture incorporates digital technologies with the Victorian magic trick Pepper’s Ghost to create fabric-like holographic forms.

about the artist

Laurence Payot uses the public realm as a stage to make out-of-the-ordinary things happen and to provoke unusual encounters between strangers.

In 2012, she has recently been awarded the prestigious SkyArts Ignition: Futures Fund, a one-year bursary by the TV channel SkyArts, and was shortlisted for the Liverpool Art Prize 2013.

Her work, which exists on the edge of fine art and performance, has been commissioned by renowned museums, galleries and live art festivals, including the Pompidou Centre-Metz (France), Tate Modern, Liverpool Biennial (UK) and the Belluard Bollwerk International (Switzerland).

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