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Nick Driftwood


Nick Driftwood is a film-maker and videographer originally from Lincoln who has worked with film and broadcast technologies all his professional life. He is passionate about exploring the creative and technical capabilities of prosumer technology and is known internationally for his legendary ‘Driftwood settings’ for the Panasonic GH2.


Inspired by the great American road trip, ROAD is an immersive screen based experience, using 4k technology to not only explore new visual possibilities but to also create an innovative soundscape to accompany the work. The digital DNA of the footage forms a structure and a time signature for the music fusing the visual with the audio in this work about the freedom technology can afford us.

For ROAD, Nick is collaborating with composer Kevin Matthews and producer Donna Close the team behind ‘The First Raindrop’ at White Night Brighton.

The Art and Tech of 4K

Filmmaker Nick Driftwood presents a masterclass in 4k resolution production for aspiring digital artists. Advancements in high res shooting mean anyone can pick up a camera and capture cinema quality footage. Nick speaks about his new work ROAD – also showing at Frequency – and the plethora of new techniques and approaches 4k technology makes possible.

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