Frequency 2017 Artists



Time: TBC

Location: Steep Hill Shuttle Bus

Booking: free

Space exploration on the Steep Hill Shuttle Bus. Artists Jon Adams and Dan Thompson share an interest in people, places and stories.

In Orbit, they explore the city from the Shuttle, recording stories and the voices of people they meet, so that diverse experiences of the city become an online audio artwork/archive. Catch them on the bus as they orbit the city over two days.

about the artist

Jon Adams works cross-platform in image, word, sound and performance, weaving in fragments of autobiography, science and hidden metaphor. The result is a unique visual perspective of recording and systemizing history, time and place. He actively feeds into arts policy and debate around neurodivergence in the arts and is campaigning for equality for neurodivergent artists through Flow Observatorium.

Dan Thompson’s work is about people and places, and the stories that connect them. He is interested in the creation of social capital, in activating abandoned or underused spaces, and in DIY approaches to art, culture and social action. Dan often starts work with a crowdsourced exploration of a place, or with archives or collections relating to a place or topic, and often touches on themes of migration in the UK.