Frequency 2017 Artists

Phonofolium et Lux


20 – 21 Oct

23 – 27 Oct

time: 10am – 5pm

location: St Swithin’s Church, St Swithin’s Square, Lincoln, LN2

booking: free

Phonofolium et Lux is an interactive artwork with a living tree reacting to the human electrostatic touch by sounds and lights. Sound and light are revealed and activated when the audience is touching or stroking lightly the living plant. The intensity of light’s variations varies according to the proximity of contact with the tree.

Phonofolium et Lux mixes reality and imagination, exploring our relationships between the body and the environment to create extraordinary sensory experiences.

Scenocosme create hybrids between plants and digital technology. Plants are natural sensors and are sensitive to various energy flows. Technology disappears in order to enhance sensory relations and to augment the senses.

about the artist

Gregory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt have created work under the name Scenocosme since 2003.  Their artworks are exhibited in numerous museums, contemporary art centres and digital art festivals in the world.

Past exhibitions

– Nocturne Art at Night – Halifax (Canada)

– E-Fest – Digital Arts Festival – Tunis (Tunisia)

– Festival ISI / Digital Arts Festival – Montpellier (Fr)

– Festival Zéro 1 / Digital Arts Festival – La-Rochelle (Fr)

– Fort du Bruissin centre d’art contemporain – Francheville (Fr)

– Nuit Blanche Paris / Maison Pour Tous Jules Vallès – Villejuif (Fr)

Scenocosme –