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Richard Knight


Richard Knight works creatively with the form of the radio show, exploring W.S. Burrough’s premise that the cut-up is a means to travel in both time and space.

Last year, his eighteen ‘The Four Points Are Thus Beheld’ radio shows for Tyneside Cinema’s were well received. These were a series of ‘uncurated’ explorations of sound, focusing on spoken word, poetry and field recordings.

His arts practice has developed over a period of forty years, from the early days of the London Film-makers Co-op to community arts in Lincolnshire. He is an experienced performer, graffiti artist, and a collaborator in a variety of fields. He teaches, writes and broadcasts.

The themes of his work are not always ‘conscious’, rather, they emerge through the process of the work.

Internal landscapes

A psycho-geographic binaural dérive.

The artist as creative protagonist making a radio show that represents a complex drift through the city of Lincoln, moving through both through space and time.

Through the use of the cut-up we encounter different characters, times and places in Lincoln’s history as a city, folding in characters both real and invented, incorporating moments from the festival, conversations, monologues and various field recordings which use binaural sound to create perspective and a poetic sense of the City as a Whispering Gallery of haunted memories.

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Frequency Festival presents Richard Knight’s Internal Landscapes:

A Flaneur’s 3D audio perambulation around Frequency 2015, Lincoln’s Festival of Digital Culture, circumnavigating JG Ballard, Drone Culture, Spitfire Archaeology, Jo Thomas’ Agna Rita and monuments as a meditation on time. Also including excerpts from Richard Knight’s Our Time Travel Isn’t Perfect, audio from Luciana Haill’s Phrontesterion and, in the intro, Dominic Cramp/Lord Tang’s ‘I Heard It Through The Tang’.

This binaural 3D audio presentation is best heard on headphones.

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