Frequency 2017 Artists

The Esoteric


20 – 28 Oct

time: 10am – 5pm

location: Guildhall, Saltergate, Lincoln LN2

Booking: free

Note: Guildhall is closed on Sunday 29th October

The Esoteric explores perception and spatial experience. This installation is a site-specific response to the Guildhall, designed to reflect the local area and its history.

Interested in perception and interaction with space, Esoteric creates an immersive experience that presents a dialogue between memory and place. Archive material uses sounds that are influenced by the very essence and action of the space highlighting notions of ‘the present and the absent, the near and the distant, the sensed and the imagined.’

about the artist

Based in the East Midlands, Sian Wright explores forgotten and historical places when investigating themes of transience and ephemerality.

With an interest in aesthetics and existential experience, she is drawn to the flawed and fragmented where she often pursues a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing print, photography and installation. After recently completing two art residencies, she will be commencing an MA in Fine Art at the University of Lincoln this year.

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