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Sooree Pillay (artistic director/writer) trained at Desmond Jones School Of Mime and Physical Theatre, and later at Ecole Internationale de theatre Jacques Lecoq, as performer and theatre director.

Bernhard Schimpelsberger (music director/composer) is an Austrian-born percussionist who trained in India and as a western drummer.

Karl Ellison (film-maker/editor), has worked internationally as an independent film maker and editor for 15 years.

Juneau Projects (digital mapping) work includes participatory elements involving projection, sound, music, animation and installation.

Get Up Stand Up!

To liberate implicitly refers to a state of being imprisoned – Now and throughout history, in physical, political, social, psychological and emotional ways people are, and have been, both imprisoned and liberated. This new installation piece, drawing on material from a digitally mastered immersive audio-visual tour at Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham, alludes to civil and human rights and those injustices which continue to impede the right to liberty.

With migration as its central theme, the work asks what relevance does the concept of liberation have in society today – is it a word for the many or the few?

Get Up Stand Up has been delivered by NCCL (National Centre for Citizenship and the Law) in partnership with New Art Exchange.

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