Frequency 2017 Artists



20 – 29 Oct

Time: 10am – 5pm


Booking: free

TRACE-S is an audio-visual interactive and immersive digital installation about the memory of beings and systems. About the involuntary accumulation of digital traces / trackings left by each of us.

Each participant, by their own hand’s gesture, records, activates and creates their own traces in the digital system while deleting the previous visitor’s data.

TRACE-S uses a pair of gloves equipped with sensors that allow you to create and move visual patterns and improvise a 3D audio composition, which will become a memory in the system manipulated and erased by the next user

about the artist

Nicolas Canot is a sound / digital artist, improviser, guitar player and teacher based in Reims, France. His work is focused on electronic / electroacoustic music and sound creations. His sound creations/installations have been performed and shown in France, England, Portugal and Poland. He performs as a solo artist and regularly collaborates with visual or sound artists as well as jazz instrumentalists.

Gabriel-Marie Farey works with images and their different components including graphic, manual, digital, photographic and typographic.

Matters relating to codes and signs are at the centre of his work. He has developed his view of territories as spaces of artistic construction. His works are often done in series, and mostly created in situ.

@nakatano / Nicolas Canot –


production : Saint-Ex Centre culturel numerique –
photos: Mylene Farcy