Frequency 2017 Artists

Widows and Orphans


20 – 29 Oct

time: 10am – 5pm

location: Superfi Lincoln, 271A High Street

booking: free

Widows and Orphans powerfully illustrates the circular nature of history through film. During his residency, Jamie Shovlin developed an existing work to explore the dense editorial and publishing history of Magna Carta. Made for Lincoln Voices, it uses the the secondary school textbook, A History of the Modern World as source material. Jamie takes the highlighting and underlining left behind by previous readers of the book to create a script from annotated fragments taken from several editions of the textbook.

Jamie then worked with young people and academics from the School of Political and Social Science from Lincoln to bring to life the annotations of earlier generations in a series of spoken dispatches from history.

Widows and Orphans was created as part of ‘Lincoln Voices’

Frequency Festival is working with Lincoln Voices and 1215.Today in partnership with the University of Lincoln to highlight Lincoln’s connection to Magna Carta and The Charter of the Forest through intriguing artistic interventions that will stimulate curiosity and debate around the big issues of today.

about the artist

Jamie Shovlin was born in Leicester in 1978. He attended Loughborough University School of Art and Design. He then went on to attend the Royal College of Art in London. He current lives and works in London. He has had many solo exhibitions including 2006 Lustfaust and 2005 Fontana Modern Masters. As well as group exhibitions.