Artist Focus 14: Urban Projections

26 September, 2013

‘We love the multi-layered approach Rebecca and Pete have taken to combine art and technology–it’s new and innovative. We look forward to seeing how this series develops. Enjoy!’ Wooster Collective

Stylus is an adventure between modern mural painter Pete Barber and digital artist, Rebecca Smith. It explores progressive forms of combining projection mapping with hand crafted image. In a live performance, both elements evolve and interact, to create a canvas of movement, light and paint. Dubbed the ‘Living Mural’, the pairs unconventional approach has led to critical acclaim from both the street and digital art communities.

Burn Yard Live

Their most recent work burn Yard™ Live in Budapest, brought a new creative energy to discarded, obsolete objects and made them beautiful again, the artists collaborated to transform the space with graffiti, street art murals and digital projections. Set against their backdrop of artistic collision, the event itself showcased contributions from some of the world’s leading artists and creatives, including; Gerry Judah, Dilk, M-City, Avicii, 2 Shy, Kimi Räikkönen, Bázis, Saddo + Aitch, Suflo, Sergey and Kirill from Russia’s Zuk Club, Faker, Dezmond and Rune Glifberg.


Mixing paint and projection, Urban Projections, create a stunning and fascinating piece of ever changing art. Set against the backdrop of St. Benedicts Square they make the city of Lincoln their canvas, enticing audiences to question what they think they are seeing…

“Our intention for the Stylus piece at the Frequency Festival is to create a site specific installation that plays with ubiquitous propaganda imagery. The images will evolve over three days revealing layers of subtle detail and changes that distort the image and the audiences understanding of what’s being created. Under projection we will play with the perception of space and moving image confusing the viewer and creating a sense of wonder as audiences question what is real or painted and what is the projected image”

Urban Projections will be presenting Stylus as part of Frequency Out of Hours 24th-26 Oct 6pm till late.

For more information: Urban Projections at Freq 13

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