Frequency Fabratory

23 October, 2015

Frequency Fabratory

Get hands on and involved in Frequency 2015 with The Fabratory; an open access space bursting with workshop, talk and show and tells from the artists and experimenters that make up this year’s festival.

Saturday: Jammy Tarts – #BTW

Ever wanted to let someone know how brilliant their outfit looks? How their joke made you laugh? That you really love their hair?
Join us in sharing some love at BTW, part of Frequency Fabratory, on both Saturdays of the festival. Use our compliment cards to pass on kind words to a stranger or a loved one, or pin it to our wall of loveliness to brighten someone’s day.
We think there needs to be more love in the world, so drop in and help us spread a little positivity!

Sunday: co_LAB – Blind Data

What does your data say about you? This interactive workshop challenges you to take on the role of data analyst. Can you decide who someone is from their digital footprint alone and determine who poses a threat? When our data is tracked by governments and corporations alike, how aware do we need to be of our digital footprint and what our online identity says about us?

Monday: Sarah Worcester – ‘DREAM”

DREAM an immersive, experimental piece exploring virtual reality within dream-like concepts. The viewer goes a first person experience through 3 surreal scenarios that give the individual a feeling of lucid dreaming.

Tuesday & Wednesday:  Join the Don’t-grow-up-it’s-a-trap workshop at the Frequency Festival!

In collaboration with students from the Academy of Pop Culture (NL) you will create an audio-visual installation relating to the liberation of coming of age. What does liberation mean to you? And how do you experience the concept of freedom whilst growing up? Do you appreciate and experience liberation in the same way as your parents?

Students will experience the city and the festival then begin brainstorming ideas for this workshop on the Monday. These ideas are then implemented by making an audio-visual installation where the public are encouraged to interact and help out in its development. The main focus of this development is the input from local kids. Kids have a wonderful free, honest and uncomplicated way of thinking. They are invited to join the workshop in a roles of a designer, chief or director. We will work with all sorts of materials such as; wood, grass, paint, balloons but also video, photo, noise and anything else we can find.

Thursday & Friday: “Connected”

This workshop will take place throughout the week, where students from Lincoln, Latvia and the Netherlands will develop a participatory art project that celebrates the strengths of 2 different neighbourhoods – one in Lincoln and one in Liepaja. The participants will spend the week observing and engaging with the locals to reveal the underlying/invisible layers that should be emphasized but until now perhaps have gone unnoticed. Through this approach the multi national team will discover and reveal the humane aspects of the neighborhood and then collaboratively design and produce an output for exhibition / reflection. At all stages of the project, locals will be invited to join us on this journey of discovery.

The participants will be interacting with the public throughout the week, and on the Thursday and Friday be situated in the Waterside centre creating and presenting their findings.

Saturday – Jammy Tarts 2.0 #BTW

Sunday – Louise Lawlor’s Human <> Object

Ever wondered what you would look like as a chair, a table or a beach ball?
Join in to digitally transform yourself into an object; make yourself bigger, smaller, distorted or skewed to change your body into that of an everyday object. Using our creativity we can make objects that fascinate and excite those who encounter them.

All Fabratory events are drop-in, 11am-4pm, Lower Floor Waterside Shopping Centre

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