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31st Oct, 4pm-8pm
Air Giants

Meet Luma, a gentle giant. Interact with this new type of robot.

No Distractions: Workshop

30th October, 2pm-2:40pm
Online, booking required
Objectively Funny

Meditate (for the brain), nutritionise (for the body), and gratitudinate (for the soul).

2 men - one is really tall with a bandage wrapped face and a hat. The other is dressed in medical garb and points off into the distance

The Invisible Man

29th-30th October
Cornhill and surrounding areas
Altered States

Interact with the Invisible Man as he explores his new powers.

hand on audio mixer

Lift Off!

28th-31st October
Kai Butterfield

Experience the sounds of taking off in a rocket and diving in a submarine.

A bustling Asian street market at dusk, lit by warm orange street lighting.

5000 miles

28th-31st Oct, 12-8pm
St. Peter at Gowts Church

Take an audio trip around the world, without ever leaving Lincoln

A father and son peep inside a white beehive on the street

BEES! The Colony

29th-30th October, 12noon-5pm

An installation of multiple hives each hiding a unique, unexpected interior world.

Black and white photograph of scrub land after forest fire. A single tree stands in the centre.

Only Expansion

28-31st Oct, 12-5pm (booking required)
Citywide - start at St Mary Le Wigford Church
Duncan Speakman

Remix your world with this immersive audio walk addressing the climate emergency.

A radio mast is surrounded by darkness and clouds. A single red light glows.


28-31st Oct, all day
Available online

An immersive radio experience where you - the audience - join in!

A woman dressed in black stands in front of a choir all dressed in red tones.


28th Oct, 12noon-8pm
Juliet Russell, Zach Walker & Birchwood Sings

Stories of migration shared through a digital art installation and song

A person wearing virtual reality goggles reaches in front of them to touch a stream of blue bubbles flowing through a box with a hole in it.

Digital Atmosphere

29th & 30th Oct, 12noon-8pm
Exchange Square, Cornhill Quarter
Studio Above&Below

A mixed reality sculpture that makes air quality visible through VR


28th-31st Oct, 12noon-8pm
St Mary le Wigford Church, Heritage Action Zone
Thomas Buckley

A brand new work-in-progress, come to discover the results!

Mash Up in white text on pink

The MashUp

29th Oct, 5:30pm-7:30pm
St. Mary le Wigford Church
The MashUp

Meet fellow creative folks and find out what is happening in your local area.