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Image: Courtesy & copyright Dolly Sen

My Soul Is A Search Engine, Dolly Sen

October 9, 2019 | Artwork, Featured, Online Zone

Who am I? To be human is to ask questions, even about our very existence, but what if we asked google these questions instead? Would some people get better answers than others?

We look to our phones and devices for answers, but do they let us make ourselves anew, or just replicate the biases in the non-digital world?

This web installation is being commissioned for Frequency 2019, launching online on 24 October 2019.

About the Artist

Dolly Sen

Dolly Sen is a writer, artist, and filmmaker. Her work aims to subvert perceptions around madness and being othered. She’s trying to alter the faulty programming of society that thinks being mad is a virus and not a response to the system it finds itself in. No person is a spam folder.


Facebook: /dolly.sen1

Twitter: @DollyDollysen

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