Frequency 2021 Programme

5000 miles

A bustling Asian street market at dusk, lit by warm orange street lighting.


5000 miles – ITHACA

Date: Thursday 28 – Sunday 31 October

Time: 12pm-8pm

Location: St. Peter at Gowts Church

Over the past 18 months we’ve had a lot of time at home. Now, thanks to artist collective ITHACA, we can travel the world without ever leaving Lincoln.

5000 miles is an immersive 360-degree audio experience. It will transport you to another place through the evocative sounds of another culture. Listen as locations change, conversations swirl and busy streets envelop you. This atmospheric installation uses spatial audio technology and ambisonic 3D recording to take you on a trip across the globe.

As part of the Digital Democracies commissioning programme, ITHACA are bringing a brand new version of 5000 miles to Frequency 2021, premiering a new lightscape to complement the immersive audio installation, perfect to enjoy after dark.

About the Artists

ITHACA is a collective of light artists, sound designers, composers, editors and experimenters. They combine art, music and technology to create inventive new experiences with sound and light. Earlier this year Ithaca Studio’s award-winning work spectacularly lit up the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury for Coldplay.

Twitter – @ithacastudio

Instagram – @ithacastudio

Access Info

Location: St Peter at Gowts Churchyard

Terrain: There is step-free access to the experience which takes place in a church yard on grass, underneath trees. The grass is fairly level, but the ground may be soft.

Event Type: Audio – 3d sound delivered via speakers

Equipment needed? None

Staff/volunteers available on site? Yes

About the Commission

5,000 miles
 is commissioned by Threshold StudiosFreedom Festival Arts Trust and Brighton Digital Festival (Lighthouse). It is supported by funding bodies Arts Council England and Re-Imagine EuropeLighthouse is the UK partner for Re-Imagine Europe, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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