Frequency 2019 Programme

Abstract Playground AP1

Abstract Playground AP1, Will Hurt (1)


Abstract Playground AP1

Thur 24 – Sun 27 Oct

Time: 10am-5pm & Fri until 9pm

Location: Bus Station

Part meditation on Modernist architecture, part audio-visual instrument, AP1 invites you to push its buttons. Bring this shape-shifting scene to life and create a cacophony of sound and colour on the big screen. Shown around the world from Buenos Aires to Beijing, this is your chance to get interactive with this noisy and vivid digital creation.

About the artist

Will Hurt (b.1984, UK) uses computers to create brightly coloured, playful, digital interactives which cater to people of all ages and abilities and respond to the geometry of the physical sites they are installed in, abstracting and re-presenting local architecture and landscape. These site-specific interactives bring people together, forging connections and affording them a moment to play, leaving them with lasting memories of novel playful experiences.


Twitter: @_willhurt

Instagram: will.hurt