Frequency 2021 Programme



Luma – Air Giants

Date: Sunday 31st October

Time: 4pm-8pm

Location: Cornhill

Come and meet Luma, a 9-metre-long inflatable snail who loves an audience!

What comes to mind when you think of robots? Think again. This interactive, blow-up robot looms above visitors with a gentle presence.  She is welcoming and otherworldly. Soft and tactile, she shows us a new possibility for robotics. Come and revel at the spectacular sight and spend some time with a wondrous being.

The Luma robot is made almost entirely from fabric. This allows her movement to capture the wiggling motions found in the animal kingdom. This joyful, hopeful creation from Air Giants champions nature and technology. It reimagines what robots can be for.

Suitable for all ages.

About the artists

Founded in 2020, Air Giants is a new creative robotic studio based in Bristol, UK. They are made up of a small team of artists, roboticists, puppeteers and software engineers. The studio is passionate about creating emotionally effective motion at a scale which is thought-provoking and transporting, as well as expanding the notion of what large robots can be used for.

The company’s work sits at the intersection of art and science. It draws on the rich history of performing arts such as theatre and puppetry to deliver exciting encounters with robots which have lasting impact.

Twitter – @airgiantshq

Instagram – @airgiantshq

Access Info

Location: Cornhill Square

Terrain: Step-free access, paved streets

Event type: Visual/Interactive – Luma is a gentle, interactive, moving robot made from fabric, with soft lighting inside.

Equipment needed? None

Staff/volunteers available onsite? Yes