Frequency 2021 Programme

BEES! The Colony

A father and son peep inside a white beehive on the street


BEES! The Colony – Artizani
Date: Friday 29 – Saturday 30 October
Time: 12noon-5pm
Location: Cornhill, High Street

Mysterious beehives have popped up on the streets of Lincoln! Dare you peek inside?

An installation of multiple hives each hiding a unique, unexpected interior world. Come and wander amongst the honey-perfumed Bee Colony, meet the beekeepers and find out what’s inside. In each there is a surprising twist, which challenges, charms and confounds expectations! You may find yourself looking into the vastness of space, or teased by a telescopic hive soaring into the air.

The Bees is a wonderful multi- sensory experience, engaging spectators through taste, smell and touch as well as sight and hearing. It presents a clear and resonant image, but with a frisson of danger – the hives are realistic and might just contain stinging insects – do you really want to put your eye up to that hole?

About the Artist

Artizani are experts in creating outdoor arts, time-served specialists in the form.  They make art for the streets, they don’t just put it there.  They make shows that are flexible, respond to the space they are in and engage with the audiences they find there.

Artizani’s artistic director, James Macpherson (BA Hons., MA, PhD Candidate), is one of only a tiny handful of people involved in scholarly research into outdoor arts and the way it impacts on place and community. This research underpins the company’s approach and commitment to the democratisation of art.