Frequency 2019 Programme

Café Conversation: Digital Culture and the Anthropocene


Photo credit: Small Global, D-Fuse.

Café Conversation: Digital Culture and the Anthropocene.

Thur 24 October

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Location: The Curiosity Shop, 266 High Street, Lincoln, England, LN2 1HW


The Frequency Café Conversations are a gathering of minds and discussion of themes. Topic of Discussion: ‘Digital Culture and the Anthropocene’

What is the Anthropocene, and how is it defined in the world we live in today?

The global climate crisis can only be described as matter of planetary contamination, with us humans being held accountable beyond any judge or jury. The Anthropocene itself refers to a measurable global change catalysed by human activity, but what resonance does such a term hold with the British public. Is the Anthropocenic argument simply providing a dose of conspicuous jargon, rallying the climate activists, or is it the most overlooked and underestimated entity alive and at large today?

As advocates of the Arts and champions of all things digital, we at Frequency Festival invite you to join us in opening a new conversational debate. What relationships currently exist between the growing international smorgasbord of digital culture and the sometimes drastic methods of fighting climate change. How can a discussion of digital culture improve our comprehension of the Anthropocene and by extension the most pressing threats to our planet?

What is the Anthropocene and why should you care about it?

Artists concerned in discussing the significance of digital creative culture and the growing threats of climate change include, sensory projectionists ‘D-FUSE’, spoken word artist and sculptor Georgia Preece, and kinetic mesmerist Thomas Grogan.