Frequency 2019 Programme

Café Conversation: Public Arts and Cultural Climates….post Brexit


Image: Creative Café Conversation at Frequency 2017. Photo credit: Electric Egg

Café Conversation: Public Arts and Cultural Climates….post Brexit

Sun 27 October

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Location: The Curiosity Shop, 266 High Street, Lincoln, England, LN2 1HW

What if… the very idea of community driven arts groups and hubs was under threat?

As is the case for many other small organisations aiming to diversify and enrich British culture, the future of creative ventures such as Frequency and other outputs is shrouded in uncertainty because of Brexit. The current political climate has made it difficult to predict how creative social environments will continue to operate and flourish given the potential fluctuations in arts funding. Not to mention the questions Brexit might pose to the accessibility to the public arts for international communities.

So, what can be done?

Do we rely purely on our British stoicism to pull us through these periods of qualm, or do we embrace the concept of ‘not knowing’ and use the precariousness of the situation to push artistic and cultural reinvention? Nowadays, to talk and share ideas is everything, and the potency of the arts is often best measured in the depth of its communal outreach, not its government investments or the notoriety of the artists involved.

What if… You are the artist; your neighbourhood is the gallery and your communities are the curators. What does our departure from the EU ultimately mean for public Arts programmes and how might the UK’s cultural climate shift in the months and years to follow?

Joining us to assess and debate the future potential of British public Arts programmes and the cultural climates they might inhabit after Brexit with be a variety of Artists showing within Frequency Festival.