Frequency 2019 Programme

Café Conversation: The Activism of Caring


Photo Credit: Care(less), Lindsay Seers.

Café Conversation: The Activism of Caring

Fri 25 October

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Location: The Curiosity Shop, 266 High Street, Lincoln, England, LN2 1HW

The Frequency Café Conversation is a gathering of minds and discussion of themes.
The themes for this session is The Activism of Caring.


By definition, ‘Caring’ to the point of becoming ‘Activism’ should entail that the process of ‘concern’ has reached a point of desperation, allowing it to be expressed in such ways which were previously inaccessible.

However, can activism be generated within care, and which (if any) care sectors can accommodate an activist approach? What can we achieve through the simplicity of caring for another, and where does sympathy become empathy and empathy become anxiety, and anxiety become anguish? When can activism be found within the British social care system, and to what length do methods associated with social care relate/differ from those aligned to self-care and the rise in prominence it’s seen as digital culture grows in dominance.

Does the documentation of care through creative means warrant a reimagining of its role? How different might society be if ‘Caring’ was as much a choice as breathing? Where do we place convenience in this discussion?

What are the farthest extents of care… and should you care about caring to care about caring…?

Unpicking the possibilities of ‘Activism’ within a spectrum of caring actions, kindness advocate and performance author Bernadette Russell, internationally exhibited visual memorialist Lindsay Seers, and upcoming photo-documentarian Matt Snellin.