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A radio mast is surrounded by darkness and clouds. A single red light glows.


Darkfield Radio – Online

Date: 28th – 31st Oct

Time: Various – see below

Location: Online – app

DARKFIELD RADIO is an app, a brand new, innovative form of entertainment directly responding to the new age we are living in. It immerses at the listener in strange and curious worlds in their own home and brings new meaning to the familiar spaces we inhabit.

Season One – 3 stories

Season One of DARKFIELD RADIO consists of three independent stories, linked only by their unsettling nature. These unique 20-minute immersive audio experiences are only available on certain days and times, just like a radio show.

Episode 1 – Double
Exploring the Capgras delusion, Double is a show for two people in their kitchen.
Episode 2 – Visitors
A reflection on our irrepressible desire to touch, Visitors is a show for two people in their living room.
Episode 3 – Eternal
Exploring ideas of eternal life, Eternal is show for one person alone in their bed.

Dates & Times:

28th- 31st Oct – Double: 7pm, Visitors: 7.45pm, Eternal: 8.30pm (every day)

Season Two – KNOT

You are joined on a park bench by a woman who is lost in the city. You are in a car heading both towards and away from the park. In a meeting room a cyclical story, tied up like a knot with no ends, is conjured into existence by a collective effort.

KNOT is a trilogy, a three-part immersive audio experience for you to enjoy. The story unfolds in three different locations, and you – as the audience – join in. For the first episode audiences will situate themselves on a park bench, for the second in a car, and for the third in a room of their home.

Three intersecting, interwoven episodes question how inevitable anything is. You will need to experience all three for the story to be complete.

Dates & Times:

28th/29th Oct – Episode 1: 3pm, Episode 2: 3.45pm, Episode 3: 4.30pm

30th/31st Oct – Episode 1: 3pm & 7pm, Episode 2: 3.45pm & 7.45pm, Episode 3: 4.30pm & 8.30pm

Booking Info

Taking part is simple: buy a ticket, download the app and enter your code. At the designated time, put on your headphones and your home becomes the setting for another world, blurring the lines between real and imagined.

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About the Artists

DARKFIELD has, so far, welcomed over 250,000 audience members worldwide and has container shows touring the UK, USA, Australia, South Korea and Mexico. In 2020 DARKFIELD launched their critically acclaimed digital project, DARKFIELD RADIO delivering immersive audio experiences for audiences at home.

DARKFIELD RADIO is an app delivering 360 degree immersive audio experiences to audiences at home. DARKFIELD’s work puts the listener at the centre of intense, evolving narratives. It uses 360 degree binaural sound, pitch darkness and sensory effects.

The first season of shows launched in July 2020 to critical acclaim, featuring in major film festivals such as Venice International Film Festival, IDFA and Raindance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and winning Columbia’s Digital Storytelling Lab’s Breakthrough Award in recognition of the year’s most innovative narrative.

Facebook – /darkfieldorg

Instagram – @darkfield_org

Twitter –  @darkfield_org