Frequency 2019 Programme




Thur 24 – Sun 27 October

Time: 10am – 5pm & Fri until 9pm

Location: Mr Dryclean

Kindness is contagious.

Eleos is a 16bit game, played in the real and virtual world, where kindness is key and doing good for others does good for you. Try your hand at this narrative game where you navigate your character through an imaginary world and your final level is out in the real world, if you choose to accept it.

Funded through the nesta Amplified programme and in partnership with the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

About the Artist

Eleos is a collaboration between: arts and media producers for social change, Threshold Studios; game designer and developer, Ashley James Brown; and author and performer, Bernadette Russell. Ashley uses play and game dynamics to encourage user interaction and exploration. His installations are dynamic and evolving, with audiences as co-creators and not consumers. Bernadette’s work is about collecting, curating and writing stories in order to increase compassion and kindness.




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