Frequency 2019 Programme

I See You


I See You, Urban Projections

Thur 24 – Sun 27 October

Time: 10am – 5pm & Fri until 9pm

Location: Lincoln Transport Hub

I See you is a playful mixed media installation exploring the increasing integration of technology into our lives. Patterned cubes fill the room. Pop your head through a peep-hole and see what you find inside these intriguing geometric shapes. In a time where we continually navigate complex interactions with social media, our online presence and technology in the home, this experience asks ‘do we use technology to help define ourselves, or does it define us?’.


About the Artist

Urban Projections

Urban Projections is the work and collaborations of multimedia artist Rebecca Smith. Fusing hand-crafted art-forms with with digital technologies, her work seeks to surprise and engage audiences with its playful tone and interactivity. Constantly striving to push the boundaries of her discipline, Rebecca creates unique digital experiences.


Facebook: /urbanprojections

Instagram: @urbanprojections