Frequency 2019 Programme




Fri 25 October

Time: 4pm – 9pm

Location: Castle

illumaphonium:Halo is a sculpture, an instrument, an environment…

Using sound, light, algorithms and digital sensors, inventor Michael Davis has created an immensely satisfying creative and magical experience for you to immerse yourself in and enjoy. Get hands on and play the Halo towers, or sit back and relax within this sonic and visual spectacle.

These highly immersive interactive artworks use colour, sound and rhythm to create a deeply engaging present moment creative experience that can enjoyed alone of shared with others.

About the Artist

Michael Davis

Michael Davis creates illuminated musical instruments – large-scale, interactive, multi-sensory sculptures and responsive environments. His work is intended to instil a sense of freedom in the people who participate in it and to eliminate barriers that people may throw up between themselves and their creativity.

Since creating the first ‘illumaphonium’ in 2016, shown at Frequency Festival 2017, and ‘Halo’ in 2018, his work has by now reached an audience of over a million and been enjoyed as far away as Asia.


Facebook: /illumaphonium

Twitter: @illumaphonium

Instagram: @illumaphonium