Frequency 2019 Programme

Initial Conditions


Initial Conditions

Thur 24 – Sun 27 October

Time: 10am – 5pm & Fri until 9pm

Location: Mr Dryclean

It is often the goal of human beings to predict outcomes of the systems in nature – who doesn’t check the weather forecast in the hope of a sunny Bank Holiday? Initial Conditions looks at how unpredictable our world can be, using a double pendulum sculpture to illustrate how, even with the precision of modern design, there will always be factors beyond our control.

This is a new commission for Frequency 2019. However the piece is part of a wider project ‘Sensing Systems’; a solo exhibition at Bonington Gallery, Nottingham by artist Matt Woodham taking place in February 2020.

About the Artist

Matt Woodham

Matt is an artist, designer and technologist who works between disciplines. After specialising in visual neuroscience during his degree, he channelled his skills and interests into generating auditory and visual experiences – including music videos, live visuals, installations, and experimental websites. He uses code and electronic circuits to reflect the common dynamics of systems of various scales – using the principles of nature to synthesise abstract, uncanny experiences.


Twitter and Instagram @mattwoodham