Frequency 2019 Programme

MAGA Grabber


MAGA Grabber, Annabel McCourt

Thur 24 – Sun 27 October

Time: 10am – 5pm & Friday until 9pm

Location: Mr Dryclean

Play a traditional seaside arcade game with a political twist. In a direct response to Donald Trump’s infamous brag that he just grabs women by a certain part of their anatomy, this claw grabber machine replaces cuddly toys with ‘Make America Great Again’ merchandise (which are actually ‘Made in China’), Chip Tune national anthems and quotes from Potus himself. With MAGA Grabber there are no winners, only losers!



Annabel McCourt was born in Grimsby in 1975. She is a diverse artist whose work ranges from lens-based gritty social-realism, through to installation art, moving image and architectural interventions inspired by fact, folklore & legend.


Facebook/Twitter: @AnnabelMcCourtArtist

Instagram: annabelmccourt_artist