Frequency 2019 Programme

Organic Electronic


Organic Electronic, Zach Walker and Reeps One

Thur 24 – Sun 27 October

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Posterngate

Organic Electronic is a technical innovation and live performance. Every split second is unique. It uses the analogue input of a human voice to control, move and manipulate sand and water, in real time. Two-times UK Beatbox Champion, Reeps One creates deep dubstep and grime sounds which are translated into vibrations and used to move physical matter. The result, a visual and sonic spectacle of otherworldly, live analogue art. See Organic Electronic as you’ve never seen it before in the underground Posterngate.


About the Artist

Zach Walker

Zach Walker is a multi-disciplinary artist whose collection of visual and audio work has been commissioned for galleries, museums, large-scale corporate events and bespoke private clients, all over the world. His multi-sensory and interactive installations encourage people to explore and play with one another in a totally unique way, and transform venues in extraordinary ways.

Instagram: itszachwalker