Frequency 2019 Programme



Return, Akeelah Bertram

Thur 24 – Sun 27 October

Time: 10am – 5pm & Friday 10am-9pm

Location: St Mary le Wigford Church

Return is an interactive installation of parallel portals which combine audience gestures with audio-visual responses, to create a sense of presence between two separate locations.

Return is about the emotion of reconnecting and the idea of diaspora as physical, mental and social states of separation. Eventually this project aims to culminate in a range of portals connecting audiences on the African continent, with audiences of African descent globally. The sister portal resides in Brighton, as part of co-programming with Brighton Digital festival and University of Brighton as part of Arts Driva.

The work is currently supported by Arts Council England and Invisible Flock.

About the Artist

Akeelah Bertram

Akeelah is a cross disciplinary artist creating immersive experiences. She frequently employs light, sound and interactions, combining different elements to create unexpected encounters.

Akeelah studied Fine Art at the University of Leeds before completing an MA in Sculpture and Moving Image at the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and lives and works in Leeds, exploring concepts around connection and perspective.


Facebook and Instagram @akeelahbertram