Frequency 2019 Programme


Sonolope, Simon East and Maria Kapsali


Sonolope, Simon East and Maria Kapsali

Fri 25 October

Time: 5pm-9pm

Location: The Fabratory, Cornhill

Sonolope is an immersive installation that enables you to generate three-dimensional soundscapes while moving in the installation space.

The Sonolope team will lend you a smartwatch. The watch allows you to select what sound you would like to control. Your movements will then produce sounds that will change in pitch, volume and duration, as well as moving around the room in three dimensions. No booking required.

About the Artist

Simon East and Maria Kapsali

Sonolope has been jointly developed by Simon East and Maria Kapsali since 2014.

Simon is a software designer and programmer. He is the co-founder of Curvor Limited, a mobile application development consultancy.

Maria is a Lecturer in Physical Performance in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries at the University of Leeds. She is currently working on a contracted monograph on technology and performer training (Routledge, 2020)


Facebook: /sonolope

Twitter: @sonolope