Frequency 2021 Programme

The Invisible Man

2 men - one is really tall with a bandage wrapped face and a hat. The other is dressed in medical garb and points off into the distance


The Invisible Man – Altered States
Date: Friday 29th – Saturday 30th October
Time: At various times
Location: Cornhill and surrounding areas

Introducing The Invisible Man. Come face to face with the man who isn’t there.

A living, breathing science experiment gone wrong. Contained and stewarded by his mysterious doctor, witness the scientific marvel and learn more about he came to (not) be. Interact with him as he explores his new powers, but be warned you may see more (or less) than you bargained for!

The Invisible man is a new strolling interactive street theatre performance. It introduces you, the audience, to a live action, mobile, translucent man. Using a mixture of magic, puppetry and audio visual projection, his strange condition can be witnessed up close as he explores his environment and his internal organs start becoming more tangible.

This will be an unforgettable experience!

The R&D for The Invisible Man was supported by Blueprint: Without Walls R&D Investment fund and supported by and co commissioned by Without Walls, Salisbury International Arts Festival (part of Wiltshire Creative) and Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF).

About the Artist

Altered States is based in Manchester and was founded by Marc Parry in 2018 after a lifelong love of classic Sci-Fi and creating props needed to be combined.

Marc began creating outdoor performance in unconventional spaces while still at drama school as part of Manchester’s Streets Ahead programme in 2000. He then started an ongoing working relationship with renowned Outdoor Arts company Artizani and in the 20 years since has gone on to work with and develop shows for many of the longest established outdoor art companies, devising and performing throughout the UK and Europe in a variety of different settings, from one person intimate strolling experiences to large scale static performances with audiences of over 10,000 people

Facebook – @theinvisibleman2021

Instagram – @alteredstates_theinvisibleman

Twitter – @AS_InvisibleMan