Frequency 2019 Programme

Your England


Your England, Dan Thompson

Thurs 24 – Sun 27 Oct

Performance Time: Fri 25 Oct from 4.30pm-6pm

Location: Angel Coffee House

100 poems about 100 places. Our national story can be found in the buildings all around us, from Brixton Market to King Arthur’s Round Table. From hidden gems to famous landmarks, Your England is an installation and series of readings by artist Dan Thompson which showcases the history of our country.

Your England, Dan Thompson

Your England, Dan Thompson

About the artist

Dan Thompson makes work about people and places, and the stories that connect them. For the year-long Your England project, he has written 100 poems about 100 places, that together tell a history of England. As well as publishing a collection of the poems and staging readings, he held an exhibition as part of the programme for this year’s Turner Prize in Margate.


Facebook:Dan Thompson Studio

Twitter: @artistsmakers

Instagram: Dan Thompson 33