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YouKnow, Thomas Grogan. Photo credit Amina Bihi

YouKnow, Thomas Grogan

October 9, 2019 | Artwork, Featured, Online Zone

YouKnow is a research project that was initiated by a residency at FACT Liverpool and the BBC in Salford and London. By looking at BBC journalists’ workflows, BBC R&D experiments, and real world events, this research aims to evaluate the impact of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the construction and consumption of news items. This research has materialised itself through several outputs:

A series of public performances held in Liverpool and Salford (© Photo credits Amina Bihi) as well as a collection of eight video/text/audio essays available at http://youknow.network


About the Artist

Thomas Grogan

Thomas Grogan is Franco-British artist and design researcher based in London. With a background in Industrial and Speculative Design, he has developed a practice that is driven by ethnographic research, investigating current and future social issues surrounding emerging technologies. His work varies from installation, filmmaking, to performance.

Grogan’s work has been shown internationally at venues such as the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Strelka Institute (Moscow), the Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven), the New Museum (New York), le Commun (Geneva), and the Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens).


Facebook: /thomas.grogan

Twitter: @thomgrog

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