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Innocence vs Data Theft

October 21, 2019Featured, Online Zone

Are Facebook  & Google dangerous? They sure are. Disrupt the accepted wisdom of safety. We need to reinvent, and own, new ways of using the digital world to promote freedom of expression and freedom form exploitation by capitalism.

A Confused Mass, Sophie Rogers

October 9, 2019Artwork, Featured, Online Zone

Inspired by the way sci-fi creates fictional universes, artist Sophie Rogers uses digital software to create navigable simulations of imagined places and scenes.
In August 2019 she undertook a residency with Mansions of the Future, resulting in a digital commission to coincide with Frequency Festival.
This new online commission combines simulations of alternate realities with research into Donna Harraway’s writing on how the human and non-human are inextricably interlinked.

Industrial Quarry, Victoria Roberts

October 9, 2019Artwork, Featured, Online Zone

Large scale black and white images show the magnitude of an industrial quarry and how it disrupts the surrounding landscape. A quarry can have multiple impacts on the environment; visual intrusion, dust, damaged landscape, loss of land and a deterioration in water quality.
Created in response to the Frequency Festival 2019 theme, 'Disruption=Cultural Reinvention', Robert’s photographs put the often-unearthly quarry landscapes front and centre, while her captions explore the work the industry is doing to restore this land to agriculture or woodland.

Greetings from Streetview!, Willa Jamieson

October 9, 2019Artwork, Featured, Online Zone

This photographic project by Willa Jamieson looks at the ethics of surveillance, taking Streetview images of individuals minding their own business in their garden or street, and turning them into postcards. Wish you were here?
Willa Jamieson is a Lincolnshire based photographer studying BA Photography at the University of Lincoln. Her work covers a variety of subjects, primarily focusing on abandoned spaces and derelict landscapes, places discarded by society.

My Soul Is A Search Engine, Dolly Sen

October 9, 2019Artwork, Featured, Online Zone

Who am I? To be human is to ask questions, even about our very existence, but what if we asked google these questions instead? Would some people get better answers than others?
We look to our phones and devices for answers, but do they let us make ourselves anew, or just replicate the biases in the non-digital world?
This web installation is being commissioned for Frequency 2019 and will be available to view here from 24 October 2019.

YouKnow, Thomas Grogan

October 9, 2019Artwork, Featured, Online Zone

YouKnow is a research project that was initiated by a residency at FACT Liverpool and the BBC in Salford and London.
By looking at BBC journalists’ workflows, BBC R&D experiments, and real world events, this research aims to evaluate the impact of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the construction and consumption of news items. This research has materialised itself through several outputs:
A series of public performances held in Liverpool and Salford (© Photo credits Amina Bihi) as well as a collection of eight video/text/audio essays available at http://youknow.network


#Freq19 #LincolnInstaMeet Announced!

October 18, 2019News, News updates, Uncategorized

Did you know Lincoln was recently named the 8th most Instagrammed historic town in the UK? Come find out why for yourself at the #Freq19 #LincolnInstaMeet and make your followers green with #FOMO!
The #Freq19 #LincolnInstaMeet will be a chance to meet with fellow Instagrammers, explore the city and visit some incredible #photoop Frequency events.

THE MEET UP: #1 Women in Tech  Speakers Announced

October 16, 2019News, News updates

On Wednesday 23 October 2019, Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture will convene its first inaugural event bringing together the collective voices, from across the creative industries and education sector alongside key influencers and policy makers, to champion Women in Tech and help shape the future of digital for all.

A Moment Of Madness Trailer

October 9, 2019Blog, Online Zone, Video

A Moment Of Madness explodes out of the confines of the theatre into the gritty reality of the city – fusing compelling drama with the excitement of real-time gameplay to create a visceral new live experience.

A Moment of Madness is coming to Lincoln Drill Hall on Friday 25 October & Saturday 26 October as part of Frequency Festival 2019.

Step Sonic Research

October 9, 2019Blog, Online Zone, Video

Research behind Step Sonic by Tom Dale Company coming to Frequency Festival 2019.
Step Sonic: Part 1 & 2 are coming to LPAC on Friday 25 October as part of Frequency Festival 2019.

FREQUENCY International Festival of Digital Culture returns to Lincoln later this month (24-27 October 2019), transforming the city’s rhythm over four days with a jam-packed festival programme that will challenge perceptions, capture imaginations and inspire change.

The Meet Up: #1 Women In Tech

October 2, 2019News, News updates

Taking place in the stunning, historic City of Lincoln, THE MEET UP 2019: #1 Women in Tech on Wednesday 23 October will be a packed day of influential speakers, creative technology showcases and panel discussions to reflect, debate and empower. The event will bring together the collective voices of the creative industries to explore ways in which we can move diversity forward in a technological age and help shape the future of digital.

2017 Festival call out

June 14, 2017Blog, News

Frequency Festival of Digital Culture returns to Lincoln for its fourth edition from 20-29 October 2017. A biennial festival, it provides a platform to celebrate the pioneering spirit of digital innovation and culture through exhibition, creative collision and debate. The 2017 festival integrates artists’ work from all over the world into Lincoln’s heritage landscape, galleries, streets and shopping district in the form of installations, projections, site-specific work, talks and live performances.

Frequency Festival, Lincoln’s biennial celebration of digital culture, will return for a fourth edition in 2017 thanks to a major grant award from Arts Council England. Yesterday Arts Council England announced funding of £165,000 through its National Lottery funded Grants for the Arts programme to support Frequency 2017, a 10-day programme of arts events which will take place from 20 – 29th October 2017 during Autumn Half Term.