“Frequency transforms medieval Lincoln into an arena for futuristic reverie”

– Abi Bliss, The Guardian

“Through the steep cobbled streets and through the castle, inside churches and the front of forgotten shops something extraordinary is happening in Lincoln. Look carefully and you shall see things differently… This festival is an extraordinary discussion on how digital technology awakens us to the world we live in, how we see and what we believe in and how it’s changed the way we interact with it forever.”

– Rachel Snider, Run Riot

“There’s a pretty good chance that Lincoln, the steeply cobbled East Midlands treasure that motorways forgot, might just become the destination for digital culture in the UK”

– Sara Zaltash, Journal of Wild Culture

“I can see the value of digital technology in playing with my perception, inspiring me to be creative– and even helping me escape from the real world for a while.”

– Sandrine Ceurstemont, New Scientist

“Lincoln’s Frequency certainly deserves to be taken seriously as an event that may update the business of its city.”

– Telegraph

“Frequency delivers…solid installations and experiences. As we become more and more synchronised with all things digital, it offers a good playground for us all to work out what we can do to keep that relationship colourful.”

– Corridor 8

“Frequency plays an important part in creating opportunities for local artists, graduates and students to develop their talent and skills.”

– Art Industry

“This spectacular, world-class festival shows how different industries and talents across art, culture and digital technologies can work together.”

– Visit Lincoln

“Excellent yet again, a good mix of exhibits, theatre. Very engaging for all ages, good to be over half term to encourage families to participate. Thought provoking items too. The finale show was stunning and well attended. Keep it up.”

– Day visitor from Lincolnshire

“A delicious day out of cultural nourishment. Thank you.”

– Day visitor from Nottinghamshire

“Great experience for people learning about non-conventional arts.”

– Day visitor from Northamptonshire

“I loved the venues and using the space in a different way i.e. happenings, installations, and live work.”

– Lincoln resident