Frequency Festival Archive

Frequency Festival  2019

For 2019 Frequency’s theme was Disruption = Cultural Reinvention. Artists including Ashley James Brown, Bernadette Russell, Akeelah Bertram and D-FUSE explored the issues arising from the rapid advancements in technology across the world. This edition of the festival reflected how much our relationship with the digital realm has changed since its inception in 2011.

TV screens art installation and man with child looking at it

Frequency Festival  2017

Lincoln went digital again in October 2017 with a programme bursting with exhibitions, installations, performances and events from international and UK artists. The fourth edition of Lincoln’s digital culture festival, exploring the theme of disPLACEment, saw over 25,000 visitors over ten days.

Frequency Festival  2015

Celebrating the 800th year of the signing of Magna Carta and the 25th birthday of the WorldWideWeb, Liberation was Frequency’s focus for 2015. Data trails, predictive policing, consumer profiling; what are the ethics of a Big Data society?

Frequency Festival  2013

With the festival theme of Revolution, Frequency 2013 welcomed over 15,000 visitors, immersing them in digital culture to inspire, challenge and encourage creative debate.

Frequency Festival  2011

Unlocking the City was the theme for the inaugural Frequency Festival of Digital Culture in 2011. The festival marked the beginning of an exciting journey for Lincoln, its artists, academics and local residents to come together in celebrating the pioneering spirit of contemporary digital culture.