Frequency returned to Lincoln last month and transformed the city’s rhythm

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Highlights: Day 3 of Frequency 2019

Video highlights of day 3 at Frequency Festival 2019, Lincoln.

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Innocence vs Data Theft

Are Facebook  & Google dangerous?

They sure are.

Disrupt the accepted wisdom of safety.

We need to reinvent, and own, new ways of using the digital world to promote freedom of expression and freedom from exploitation by capitalism.

Born in Cardiff, Wales, Phil has been writing full time for the past 14 years.   Inspired and fascinated by fiction since childhood Phil started writing in his early teens.  Alongside his writing he has also been creating photography for 50 years, exploring the still image and the written word.

In recent years, Phil’s writing has run the gamut from feature film screenplay to novels to writer in residence to children’s books and more.

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Artist Focus: The Office for Creative Research

The Office for Creative Research is a multidisciplinary research group using data to explore new ways of engagement and solve difficult problems with data.
Jer Thorp is an artist and educator from Vancouver, Canada living in New York. With a background in genetics, his digital art practice explores boundaries between science, data, art and culture. Ben Rubin is an internationally renowned media artist based in New York City. Together they form the OCR, collecting raw data and making it accessible, provoking people to think differently and see something they didn’t see before.
Ad Infinitum will explore the tensions between the identities we construct online, every time we visit the web it is decided for us what we will be presented with. These decisions are based on a profile that has been built up over years by different entities such as retailers, schools, banks, governments and mobile phone providers. Ad Infinitum will explore how our identities have been constructed digitally through the use of data visualisation and documentary film.
…the piece will offer an engaging and critical look at pervasive algorithmic profiling, along with data ethics and discrimination.
The piece will stem from participants data collected within Lincoln UK, participants were asked to download a free Chrome extension which automatically tracks the adds the participants are presented with on a daily basis.
We want to take back control over our data and fight against surveillance advertising

You can find Ad Infinitum at Chad Varah House 10am-5pm throughout the festival.
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Ad Infinitum- Call for Participants

We need participants for one of our Frequency Festival installations! You will be playing an important role in making this artwork come to life.
Ad Infinitum by The Office For Creative Research
The decision behind what you see and when you see it when you’re online are brought to life in this installation using data visualisation and documentary film to open up the workings of the web and discussing the ethics of digital profiling. The piece explores the differences between our digital identities and how we see ourselves and questions whether we are truly free to be who we are online.
OCR want to empower everyday users with at least as much information as the advertisers have about them, and put choice back in your hands.
Want to get involved? Fill in your contact details below and we’ll send you some more information.
Find out more about the project:


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