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Job Vacancy: Event Producer – Frequency Festival 2021

Frequency is seeking an experienced Event Producer to lead on the delivery of this year’s International Festival of Digital Culture in Lincoln. (Deadline: 2 July 2021)

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A short film featuring the events, installations, experiences and happenings at Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture 2019.

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Frequency returned to Lincoln last month and transformed the city’s rhythm

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Highlights: Day 3 of Frequency 2019

Video highlights of day 3 at Frequency Festival 2019, Lincoln.

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Fifth edition of Frequency Festival coming in 2019

We are very excited to announce that our fifth edition of Frequency Festival will be hosted in Lincoln from 24–27 October 2019.

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Artist Focus: Furtherfield

We believe that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies.
Founded by artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett in 1997, Furtherfield is the UK’s leading organisation, for art shows, debates and labs exploring critical questions around art and technology. Based in London but with an international reach, this artist led collective, with Furtherfield at the centre, create places for different kinds of people to come together online and offline to be involved with contemporary arts and digital technologies.

The Magna Carta remains a symbol of liberty, addressing questions of censorship, ownership, security, equality before the law, the right to jury trial, habeas corpus, and regular elections. Its significance is as relevant as ever when we consider the upheavals of our times.
However, the original charter addressed the relationships and rights of a powerful few.
Alongside the live events, a pop-up exhibition expands on the themes of the Magna Carta in the digital age by presenting work that investigates societal contexts around surveillance, big data, local freedoms, democracy, Peer 2 Peer culture, D.I.Y and D.I.W.O (Do It With Others), digital and physical. The exhibition features critically engaged artists currently working internationally, making art that reaches beyond established artistic practices.

DEBATE  to demystify the issues surrounding the politics of freedom and the Internet, and set the scene for the festival.
STREET EVENTS- get involved with ART, PLAY, ACTION on the streets of Lincoln to remix the Magna Carta for the digital age.
EXHIBITION – work by international artists who invite us to reconsider the impact of the digital age – of surveillance and big data control – on all our lives.
More info:

More info:
Furtherfield’s People’s Magna Carta is a Threshold Studios commission. Presented at Frequency Festival of Digital Culture, Lincoln 2015.
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UoL Symposium- [im]Possible Constellations: Publishing in the digital age

[im]Possible Constellations: Publishing in the digital age
 Saturday 31 October 2015, 11.30-5, University of Lincoln *
ATTENDANCE IS FREE, and includes the option of attending a very special lights, laser and sound event at Lincoln Castle, part of Frequency Festival of Digital Culture 2015 and the Magna Carta 800 anniversary celebrations, starting at 7pm.
This symposium, supported as part of the AHRC-funded Academic Book of the Future project, considers the possibilities for the circulation, publication and exhibition of new ideas in the digital age, aiming to challenge and expand current perceptions of what high quality research outputs might look like in the 21st century, particular for those working in media subjects.
Our keynote speaker is Catherine Grant from the University of Sussex, a highly respected champion and producer of the video essay format. She established (and continues to curate for) the open access campaigning website Film Studies For Free, and the Audiovisualcy video group, and is also founding editor of the academic digital publishing platform REFRAME. Grant has published widely on theories and practices of film authorship and intertextuality, and has edited volumes on world cinema, Latin American cinema, digital film and media studies, and the audiovisual essay. A relatively early and prolific adopter of the online short video form, she is founding co-editor of [in]Transition: Journal of Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies. This new peer-reviewed publication was awarded the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ Anne Friedberg Innovative Scholarship Award of Distinction for 2015.
In her presentation Catherine Grant will examine current multimodal approaches to research and digital publishing in film and media studies. She will focus on two recent examples of audiovisual essays published online alongside written texts to argue that not only would film and media studies benefit from moving “Beyond the Book” as a presentational mode, but also from embracing the new networked and digitally enriched research methods and processes that lead to these enriched scholarly media forms, too.
Featuring speakers engaged in the commissioning, publishing, creation, archiving and housing of digital publications, this event is also part of the programme for the third edition of the Frequency Festival of Digital Culture (23 Oct-1st Nov 2015). Projects discussed as part of this event will include examples of digital ‘practice-as-research’ exhibited as part of Frequency Festival.
As part of the event schedule, participants will have the opportunity to explore the Festival trail throughout the city, and will be offered complementary tickets to the provocative and immersive digital projection extravaganza at Lincoln Castle as the final event of the magnificent Magna Carta 800 anniversary celebrations. **
In short, our debate will focus on:

what it means to create and share ideas in the digital age, drawing attention to different forms of digital publishing;
what it means to be an ‘author/creator’ in an age of increasing digital collaboration;
what it means to be a ‘reader/consumer/participant’ of such outputs

and should be of interest to creative media practitioners, academics, publishers, commissioners, students … anyone interested in debating the changing shape of publication in the digital age.
* Thanks to Virgin East Coast, a special direct ‘Festival’ train service from London to Lincoln will be available on Sat 31st Oct (leaving London at 9.10am, arriving Lincoln at 11.03) at super-discounted rate. Additionally, a free upgrade to first class, with symposium/Festival goodie bags, will be available on request. For those who need to return to London the same day, there’s a direct service that leaves Lincoln at 5.15pm arriving at 7.11pm.
** The One, The Few, The Many, by the seeper digital arts collective, will offer an incredible immersive digital version of Lincoln Castle, illuminating the dynamics of individual and collective power, past and present.
To book your FREE place, register here (limited to 30 places)
For further information please contact Sarah Barrow at

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Artist Focus: IntAR-Media

Lincoln based company IntAR-Media is a digital consultancy which helps businesses get involved in the digital future by creating interactive technology solutions including apps and software.
IntAR-Media was started by University of Lincoln graduate Stephen Fisher who, after being involved in smaller projects and working part time as a game journalist, decided to start out on his own with a company that shared his values. Fisher believes that technology should be used as a tool for learning and creative expression and that budget means nothing without passion and the aim to change the world for the better.
Stephen produces work ranging from Augmented reality, photography and character design.

Fisher and IntAR-Media worked closely with Frequency to develop a fun and engaging app for the festival – the first of its kind – that aims to enhance the experience of the festival-goers by giving users an interactive guide to the schedule as well as extra information and mini games to accompany their journey along the festival trail. 
We got the chance to ask Stephen a few questions:
What will the Frequency Festival App bring to Lincoln this October?
The Frequency application is for me not just a tool for providing information rather a method of engaging audiences via technology and encouraging exploration and education. Games are often seen as a form of escapism where anything is possible and no penalties lie and it is this, which has driven forward my interest into game design and interactive media as a whole. As a whole I believe people can achieve great things however we are often scared to do so, events like Frequency festival brings communities and expression together giving light and happiness.
What are you looking forward to about this years festival?
I am personally looking forward to meeting and seeing the talented work of my peers and delve into new worlds and passion that so many artists have clearly put into this years Frequency.
What does liberation mean to you?
Liberation for me is not just about the freedom of expression we as creative’s have but the responsibilities we have to inspire and help others reach their dreams.
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See Stephens work
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Artist Focus: co_LAB

co_LAB is the Collaboration Laboratory Research Network at the University of Lincoln, bringing together people from different fields and disciplines to collaborate on innovative trans-media projects. The co_LAB workshops have been held twice within the University of Lincoln as well as internationally.
Inspired by the previous MC2020 an EU Erasmus Intensive Programme, co_LAB implemented a similar teaching and learning model, to enhance collaboration through the use of digital, cloud-based collaborative tools.
The most recent workshop was held in May 2015, involving the College of Arts, College of Science and the College of Social Science within the University of Lincoln. The project theme was based on how the Magna Carta might be repurposed for the digital age, the brief was centred around surveillance culture, privacy and big data, with the outcomes being presented at Web We Want festival at the Southbank Arts Centre, London.
For Frequency 15, co_LAB are presenting three interactive experiences, Blind_Data, Caught in the Web and WWW25.
Blind Data
Blind Data places you on the other end of surveillance. Taking on the role of a data analyst, using just the digital footprint of individuals, can you determine what kind of people they are and whether they are just ordinary citizens or a potential threat? This interactive workshop challenges ideas and uses of online data.

Caught in the Web
Caught in the Web is a virtual reality web browser, created to immerse the viewer and take them through the developments in the 25 years of the web, exploring those which have either restricted or opened up new avenues for accessibility. Utilising the technology available through the Oculus Rift, immerse yourself in this experience.

WWW25 – What is the Web YOU want?
Created by James Field, Martyn Thayne and Graham Cooper, lecturers at the University of Lincoln, this interactive installation collates ideas and opinions from the audience and projects these into the work to crowd-source a digital Magna Carta for the future.
“The eclectic mix of projects that this festival always manages to attract. This year I’m most looking forward to Squidsoup’s Enlightenment – a project I have heard so much about yet never seen and now it’s on my doorstep!” – James Field
“After seeing a few of the projects at the world HCI conference, like Taphobos and Sky Cube, I’m excited to see even more crazy ideas at Frequency…” – Zach Jones
Find out more about co_LAB and their projects:
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Ad Infinitum- Call for Participants

We need participants for one of our Frequency Festival installations! You will be playing an important role in making this artwork come to life.
Ad Infinitum by The Office For Creative Research
The decision behind what you see and when you see it when you’re online are brought to life in this installation using data visualisation and documentary film to open up the workings of the web and discussing the ethics of digital profiling. The piece explores the differences between our digital identities and how we see ourselves and questions whether we are truly free to be who we are online.
OCR want to empower everyday users with at least as much information as the advertisers have about them, and put choice back in your hands.
Want to get involved? Fill in your contact details below and we’ll send you some more information.
Find out more about the project:


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