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Artist Spotlight – Thomas Buckley

Artist and storyteller Thomas Buckley is premiering his work entitled Repositorium at Frequency Festival 2021! He is very interested in how objects hold the marks of the people who use them and tell individual stories. We asked him about his practice to find out more.

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Artist Spotlight: Ifeatu Nnaobi

Filmmaker and photographer Ifeatu Nnaobi and creator of Ancestral Wisdoms talked with Frequency Festival about their creative beginnings, what the arts means to them and how their work ties in with our festival theme of ‘Connection’.

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Highlights: Day 3 of Frequency 2019

Video highlights of day 3 at Frequency Festival 2019, Lincoln.

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A Confused Mass, Sophie Rogers

Inspired by the way sci-fi creates fictional universes, artist Sophie Rogers uses digital software to create navigable simulations of imagined places and scenes.

In August 2019 Sophie undertook a residency with Mansions of the Future, resulting in a digital commission to coincide with Frequency Festival.

This new online commission combines simulations of alternate realities with research into Donna Harraway’s writing on how the human and non-human are inextricably interlinked.

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YouKnow, Thomas Grogan. Photo credit Amina Bihi

YouKnow, Thomas Grogan

A series of public performances held in Liverpool and Salford (© Photo credits Amina Bihi) as well as a collection of eight video/text/audio essays available on his website.

YouKnow is a research project that was initiated by a residency at FACT Liverpool and the BBC in Salford and London.
By looking at BBC journalists’ workflows, BBC R&D experiments, and real world events, this research aims to evaluate the impact of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the construction and consumption of news items. This research has materialised itself through several outputs:

Thomas Grogan is Franco-British artist and design researcher based in London. With a background in Industrial and Speculative Design, he has developed a practice that is driven by ethnographic research, investigating current and future social issues surrounding emerging technologies. His work varies from installation, filmmaking, to performance.

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Artist Focus: Nick Driftwood

Nick Driftwood is a Brighton based film-maker and videographer, originally from Lincoln, who has worked with film and broadcast technologies all his professional life. He is passionate about exploring the creative and technical capabilities of prosumer technology and is known internationally for his legendary “Driftwood Settings” for the Panasonic GH2, which allowed users to get higher quality footage from their cameras.
Nick trained at Central St Martins, Brighton Film School and ACT (Academy of Creative Training). He runs Driftwood Productions and has made films in collaboration with internationally renowned artists including Turin Brakes, Martyn Ware, DotComedy and Periplum as well as producing his own award winning film and theatre productions.
Nick’s current projects include “Swim to Land” – a short narrative music film starring actor and songwriter Arabella Gibbons (Laughing Stock) and Toby Sebastian (Game of Thrones)
Nick’s experimental work in film alongside his technical knowledge and curiosity led to an approach from Panasonic to be one of their professional Ambassadors. Nick reviews and critiques products, tests innovations in technology pre-market and leads workshops for aspiring and professional digital artists and film-makers.

Nick’s film work ROAD – produced by Donna Close and made in collaboration with composer Kevin Matthews – is an immersive, non linear, 4k screen work for public spaces and was inspired by a road trip across the US.
ROAD is a reflection on the relationship between personal freedom and technology, the symbolism of America as the “land of the free” and its links to the rise of individualism that grew with the onset of the technological age. The soundscape accompanying the piece, created by composer Kevin Matthews, is made using the compression of the 4k visuals shown on screen. This will provide a “heard” understanding of the data driving the images and allows the soundscape to change according to the pace and grading of the film, creating a soundtrack that is borne of its location.
ROAD is showing throughout the festival at Chad Varah House, and marks the first time Nick’s work has been screened in his home city.
Nick will also be giving a lecture on the developments in and applications of 4k technology for university students and budding film-makers. He will show how 4k filming allows the amateur film-maker to generate cinema quality high resolution images with more affordable equipment and demonstrates his work with streamparser technology to deconstruct the filmed image and analyse the results of what makes up a picture and how this evokes emotional responses.
Nick will be talking about the benefits of 4k and how to edit 4k video quickly and more cost effectively.
Keep an eye on for updates on the location and time of this talk.
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Artist Focus: Furtherfield

We believe that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies.
Founded by artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett in 1997, Furtherfield is the UK’s leading organisation, for art shows, debates and labs exploring critical questions around art and technology. Based in London but with an international reach, this artist led collective, with Furtherfield at the centre, create places for different kinds of people to come together online and offline to be involved with contemporary arts and digital technologies.

The Magna Carta remains a symbol of liberty, addressing questions of censorship, ownership, security, equality before the law, the right to jury trial, habeas corpus, and regular elections. Its significance is as relevant as ever when we consider the upheavals of our times.
However, the original charter addressed the relationships and rights of a powerful few.
Alongside the live events, a pop-up exhibition expands on the themes of the Magna Carta in the digital age by presenting work that investigates societal contexts around surveillance, big data, local freedoms, democracy, Peer 2 Peer culture, D.I.Y and D.I.W.O (Do It With Others), digital and physical. The exhibition features critically engaged artists currently working internationally, making art that reaches beyond established artistic practices.

DEBATE  to demystify the issues surrounding the politics of freedom and the Internet, and set the scene for the festival.
STREET EVENTS- get involved with ART, PLAY, ACTION on the streets of Lincoln to remix the Magna Carta for the digital age.
EXHIBITION – work by international artists who invite us to reconsider the impact of the digital age – of surveillance and big data control – on all our lives.
More info:

More info:
Furtherfield’s People’s Magna Carta is a Threshold Studios commission. Presented at Frequency Festival of Digital Culture, Lincoln 2015.
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Artist Focus: Joanna White

Joanna White is a filmmaker, digital artist and microlight pilot based in Lincolnshire. She is also a director of Primetime Media and will graduate from the University of Lincoln’s Digital Media MA programme in January 2016.

Exhibited as part of the British HCI Conference 2015 and as part of Joanna’s MA in Digital Media. Project Sky Cube installation mixes high-frequency audio, projected imagery and 16 mobile phones to recreate a one kilometer cube of air above Lincolnshire to highlight the complexity and vulnerability of our communication in a ‘natural’ airspace. As well as playing back the 64 recordings, the high frequency analyser in the room senses live signals from the viewers techology and directly interferes with the projected visuals.

PROJECT: SKY CUBE by Joanna White from Joanna White on Vimeo.
This multimedia installation is a free event at the Chad Varah House throughout the festival.
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Artist Focus: Jon Adams

Portsmouth based Jon Adams is a cross platform artist using image, word, sound, performance and public art to explore themes of autobiography, science and hidden metaphor.
Adams has Asperger’s Syndrome and synaesthesia, which affords him a unique perspective on the world and influences his work both artistically and practically. Actively involved in arts policy and the debates around diversity and inclusivity, he works to involve neuro-atypical people in the arts and to show his condition as an asset rather than a difficulty.
Jon Adams previously held a post as Artist in Residence at the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge where he set out to investigate his own Asperger’s Syndrome through conversations, observations and experiments. He has also worked with esteemed psychologist Simon Baron Cohen in his work to establish autism as being on a continuum in the general population, and to re-contextualise some of the features of autism – such as obsessions and repetition – are in fact highly useful and a sign of a different way of thinking.
Adams worked in commercial illustration for twenty years before branching out into independent work and fine art. He is currently a research fellow in Disability Arts at the University of Portsmouth.
For Frequency ‘15, Adams presents Democracy Street; a national collaborative arts project commissioned by the Houses of Parliament which takes the form of a mobile app, allowing users to help develop an interactive map that highlights the importance of democracy. Users can upload photos, create their own artwork and websites and gain digital badges which award various levels of engagement and learning. The project aims to increase involvement and engagement in both the arts and politics.
“Democracy Street highlights the importance that democracy plays in all our lives. From Winston Churchill Avenue in Portsmouth and Suffrage Street (near Ballot Street) in Smethwick to Magna Carta Lane in Staines, our democratic heritage has shaped streets across the UK.

Democracy Street: Track down the MP who put your road on the map via The Guardian
Feature on The Creators Project
Previous research project by Jon Adams

Konfirm, Jon Adams residency, Autism Research Centre from The Arts Catalyst on Vimeo.
Jon Adams will be providing two guided walks to accompany the work on Thursday 29th October. Book your place on the guided walk HERE
Visit Democracy Street 
Visit Jon Adams
Artist Twitter & Project Twitter

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Artist Focus: Tom Dale Company

“lmmerse Yourself in I lnfinite – a fascinating integration of live dance and digital technology from the Tom Dale Company at Dance Base – and the everyday melts away into a bravura haze of cosmic imponderables.” – The Herald (****) Mary Brennan
Tom Dale Company creates collaborative performance work through dance, forming a unique and rich form of expression to reach out and excite new audiences. Testing the boundaries of contemporary dance, with a focus on the synergy between electronic music, digital arts and dance.
Set in a white, digitally animated environment, I Infinite is a mesmerising multi-media dance installation/ performance.
Inspired by the digital world’s quest to re-create life, graphic patterns slice through the space, glowing cubes fracture into a myriad of minuscule squares and pools of light hover in the air like oil on water.
Audiences are free to roam as the spellbinding visual imagery draws them within centimetres of the incredible solo performer whose movement veers between robotic isolation and liquid fluidity.
Locked within a world of finite solutions our dancer embarks on a captivating journey to the infinite.

Choreography/Direction:  Tom Dale
Performers:  Maria Olga Palliani | Joshua Smith
Digital Media Artist: Barret Hodgson
Music/Sound Design: Tom Dale
Including music from:
Fennesz (Track 5; Hotel Parallel),
Alva Noto (Track 4; For)
Loscil (Endless Falls; Endless Falls)
Loscil (Estuarine; Endless Falls)
Loscil (Steam; Plume)
Murcof (Oort, Cosmos)
 What’s On Stage (****)  Chris Hill
“This relationship between the performer and the projected environment is immaculate and by allowing the audience to wander, each individual is free to choose their own viewpoint and take what they want from this enchanting piece.”
Broadway Baby (****) Emily Priestnall
“Infinitely brilliant
I Infinite is an immersive dance experience which truly captures the magic just one dancer can conjure over an audience.”
Fringe Review (****) Clare Simpson
“I infinite is an exquisite gem of a dance piece, combining elements of dance, theatre and installation… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW”

Having shown in China, Croatia and Birmingham, I-Infinite comes to Lincoln this October.
Dance4 presents Tom Dale Company, I Infinite in partnership with Frequency Festival of Digital Culture 2015.
Other Tom Dale Company choreography includes Digitopia, Dark Clouds are Smouldering into Red, and Roam.
Tickets available here.
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